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Blog from your Mac. Or iPhone. Or iPad.

PupperPost is a hosted blog service, with awesome native apps for your favourite Apple platforms.

macOS requires Ventura 13.0 or newer. iOS requires iOS 16 or newer.

PupperPost is designed to be the easiest way to start and maintain your own blog.

It's easy because PupperPost is a native app for your Mac, iPhone and iPad. That means it looks great, it's fast, and it's nicely integrated.

You create a new post in the app, and everything you edit will render into a web page as soon as you Save.

You can create regular posts for long-form writing that includes formatting for lists, code blocks and images. You can also create short micro-posts: 280 characters that can have attached images. Finally, you can create static pages, that are linked from the top navigation of your blog site.

You can blog for free with PupperPost! Your limitations are the appearance of your site, and the amount of disk space your blog takes. You can subscribe to have a customizable theme, and a ton of space for images.

PupperPost is just getting started. Sign up for the public beta below! And you can send your feedback to aaron@innoveghtive.com.

PupperPost is currently in public beta. Provide your email address to join!